Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm in Fire & Knives!

Just a quick piece of self-publicising-trumpet-that-I-own-blowing, to inform you, the beautiful, intelligent readers of my blog (and any other interested casual passers-by), that I have just had a piece published in the latest edition of the truly excellent and respected independent quarterly food writing magazine ‘Fire & Knives’ issue no.8.

To say I’m absolutely chuffed is an understatement. It looks amazing, and to see my name in print and in such a quality publication as well, is an incredible feeling.

I’ve written about the trials and tribulations of hosting a supper club. Our Bristol based ‘Montpelier Basement’ providing ample inspiration and ammunition. (
Shazza, I’m looking at you).

If you fancy getting yourself a copy; and I highly recommend you do, if for no other reason than to experience the glorious heady smell of it’s printed pages (I’m not kidding, the aroma is something else, like glue sniffing for respectable adults) Then you can pick up a copy at good independent bookshops, or you can grab a subscription online


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Shu Han said...

congrats! this is the first I've heard of the magazine, so thanks for spreading the word about it! I'll try to check it out, I love the name of it already, that's a good start ;)

Dan said...

The Botanical Baker - Thanks! x

Shu Han - Thank you very much. You should definitely check out Fire & Knives. It's a fantastic magazine.