Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fat Italian Sausages.

Sometimes, if your lucky, you'll have a shop selling something truly spectacular locally, something that's pretty hard to source anywhere else.

When I make this statement, I'm thinking of G.Gazzano & Sons. It's an Italian Food stockist on the Farringdon Road (just past The Eagle), a mere 5 minute walk from my place of work. And the 'something' I'm thinking of is Sausages....Fat, dumpy, tied up with string, authentic, Italian sausages. Unlike your standard British banger, these are pretty much 100% meat. They sell a few different kinds from various regions of Italy, but the type I favour is "Tuscan"....Pork and Fennel. Even better, they're actually really reasonable, yesterday I bought five for £3, which is pretty good value for money I'd say.

G.Gazzano & Sons sells other stuff of course, just about every type of pasta shape you could imagine, a whole wall of packets of pasta in fact. Italian Cheeses, Meats, and all other produce Italian, but it's the sausages I buy most often.

Sometimes I'll cook the sausages using a Jamie Oliver recipe from 'Jamies Italy' with a bowl of Puy Lentils and spicy tomato salsa. But tonight, I cooked them simply with mashed potato, and a dab of Dijon mustard on the side.
So, the lessson here is, always poke your head around the door of all your local Independent food shops and take a good look at what they sell, you might be lucky and find something great.

G. Gazzano & Sons
167 Farringdon Road,

0207 7837 1586


The Ample Cook said...

They look absolutely delicious. I envy those of you who are in London on a regular basis, because as you know Dan we live in the same area and we're not exactly blessed with good food shops are we?

Dan said...

The ample cook, true - although a lot of the good ones in London (apart from Borough) are spread all over the place, luckily I work right near some cracking shops and markets.

Locally, there's some pretty good Delis in Leigh, a couple of good bakers, fishmongers and butchers - then there's the Farms shops - I think I remember you saying you live right near one and sell some of your produce in it?

I heard there's another one good one just past Southend, and supposedly the best farmers shop in the County is near things aren't as bleak as they could be I guess :)

Graphic Foodie said...

Now THAT is my idea of bangers and mash!

Unknown said...

Those sausages look great. I have a friend who says that the sign of a good cook is if they are a good shopper. I think this pretty much rings true when it comes to things like sausages!

Helen said...

And so here they are! We heard so much about them on Twitter. They look amazing - nice and fat as you say and what a bargain! Good find.

Browners said...

They look like the best sausages I've seen in a long time. Italian sausages do take some beating! I got some recently from Wild Caper in Brixton which you are supposed to poach.

You've inspired me to seek out some Italian sausages.

Anonymous said...

I've had theses sausages at a pub in dedham, the sun I think. Delicious.