Friday 13 March 2009

Clerkenwell Lunch Options - Part 4 - Nusa Kitchen.

Nusa Kitchen is a place I frequent for lunch, probably more than any other. I never heard about it through word of mouth. I wasn't enticed through the door by a flashy shopfront and I've never seen it advertised. No, what drew this place to my attention was the massive queue outside every lunchtime. Intrigued, one day I decided to joined the queue and now I can be found there most lunchtimes,patiently waiting in line to depart with my little brown paper bag back to my desk to consume the contents.

Nusa Kitchen is all about soup. They sell other stuff, various salads for example - but that's not the draw, it's not what the massive queues outside are there for, and rightly so - the Soup is stunning.

It's made from all natural and organic ingredients, and the choice changes weekly, there's normally some kind of option for everyone from your vegans to your gluten free eaters.
Me? It's all about Jungli Beef. Love it.
And if the soup goodness isn't enough, you also get some kind of naan/flatbread type thing to dip in your soup.
As a measure of how good their soup is, I have a loyalty 9 soups and get it stamped, you get a free roughly £4 a go - that's £36 spent for a free soup.....I've had dozens of free soups.

Finally, it's not just for the Clerkenwell lunchtime crowd, Nusa Kitchen opened another store a few months back in Adams Court off Threadneedle Street, so you Square Mile lunchers can sample the goodness too. (speaking of samples - they're happy to let you sample any of the soups before you buy - so do take advantage of that).

Nusa Kitchen.
9 Old Street, EC1V 9HL
2 Adams Court, EC2N 1DW

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