Thursday, 29 January 2009

Clerkenwell Lunch options Part 2 - Moro on the cheap.

The second part of my Clerkenwell budget lunch reports, featuring one of my real favourites - Lunch from a famous Clerkenwell restaurant for the bargain price of £5!

But perhaps first, I feel I should warn you...I suspect it's not the healthiest lunch and at £5, it's stretching the 'budget lunch' description a little, especially when most people are rushing out and grabbing a sandwich from Pret for £3.50 or so.

But believe me, it is so good.

I try and treat myself to one of these a week - normally on a Thursday or a Friday when the weekends approaching, the shackles of office life are fading and I'm feeling carefree and a bit decadent.

So where do you get to sample this dish?

From Clerkenwell Green, we head North once again to Exmouth Market.....roughly half way down the Market we have the almost legendary Moro's....but we're not going in.

Turn your head, towards the street food seller stalls arranged down the street. One of these stalls belongs to Moro's - and for the insultingly low price of £5 you can have a taste of their wares.

For part of the year - the Moro's stall sells Paella - which isn't really my bag.

But the other part of the year they sell this beauty -

A toasted flatbread, heaped with shredded spicy lamb, hummus, couscous salad, yoghurt dressing and a sprinkling of chili flakes.

Stunningly good. The Lamb especially - the consistency is incredible. The only thing I can think of that comes close , in feel, as well as to look at - is Chinese crispy Duck.

I spoke to the guy that runs the stall a while back, and asked if the Recipe was in the various Moro cookbooks (It's not) he then proceeded to explain how it was made - but sadly I have a sieve like memory at the best of times and the method is lost.
But, I believe he said they cook Lamb shanks, until the meat falls from the bone, and then they dry and fry it.

Whatever the method, if your in the area - you have to try one of these.

Moro Stall, Exmouth Market EC1

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Hollow Legs said...

Ooof - that looks delicious! I often wish I worked nearer the city, but being by oxford circus I can nip to chinatown for a bowl of won ton noodles for under £3. Can't complain really!