Monday, 12 January 2009

Another Foodie Blog is Born.

That's me.

This photo captures a moment, as all photos do I guess.

I've just stumbled out of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridges, into a cab.
I've eaten a fantastic meal, I'm also steaming drunk.

Perhaps a bit about me is good form?
I don't know.... this is my first attempt at a blog.

My name is Dan. I'm 35, and I live in the Essex coastal town of Leigh-on-Sea.

I work in London, daily performing heroic, but incredibly dull feats working in an office. (Honestly, it's so mind-numbingly tedious, I can't even talk about it....but it pays the bills.)

But, what I really want to talk about is Food.....

I've wanted to write a foodie blog for quite some time. And, In my own mind, I think I'm qualified in an amateurish kind of way.

Perhaps I should back that statement up..... I love eating out, I love drinking, I love cooking, I collect recipe books and I love drinking so much - I've included it twice. I can also read and write English. (An important qualification, I'm sure you agree.)

So, I'll be writing about eating and drinking in Leigh-on-Sea and London, the restaurants I go to, the bars I drink in (and pour myself back out of!) The food I cook at home, the triumphs, the disasters and the food poisoning - basically, whatever interests me (and hopefully you.)

So there.

It has begun.........


Anonymous said...

How do you do it? I mean I'm curious about your cooking, but what I really want to know is how you deal with the "mind-numbingly tedious" office work, even if it does pay the bills!

Dan said...

The Mind Numbing Job.
Good Question. The presumption there is - I'm dealing with it.....perhaps, I'm fashioning a noose at this very moment.
I guess I just throw myself into other interests outside work, The Cooking/Eating Out, Refurbishing my Place, My massive Garden project and lately Photography....oh and drinking....a lot.

I see work as a means to an end.

Obviously it would be fantastic to have a job that I'm passionate about, but once your 'settled', have a mortgage etc etc - it gets harder and harder to obtain that I guess.

Dan said...

Oh - I forgot.

A minor point - but it makes a really boring job infinitely more bearable.

I get to work from home.

A lot!

Anonymous said...

That makes a HUGE difference (see latest post!).
I still haven't given up hope for the "job with passion." In the meantime, keep on cookin'.

Douglas Blyde said...

Good luck - I shall be following...

Dan said...

Thanks Douglas. Much appreciated.