Sunday 15 February 2009

Credit Crunch strikes Brindisa.

Whilst walking in Exmouth market on Thursday lunchtime to purchase my weekly treat from the Moro's stall (See Clerkenwll lunch options #2:- 29th January), I was shocked to see an Exmouth Market Institution had closed.

Brindisa - The seller of all things tasty and Spanish has succumbed to the financial pressure and shut up shop for good...(The Exmouth Market branch at least, the Borough Market shop is still open, as are the three tapas cafes.)
What a shame this is.

I never bought much from Brindisa- lunch now and again (Gorgeous Stew), chorizo sausages and bits and bobs. The thing is, I always imagined I'd have all the time in the world to sample the treats on offer. And now my local convenient outpost has gone.
It just goes to show how hard times are for the Independent shops.

So, if you have a local Independent shop that you them your custom - go out and treat yourself (if you can afford it of course!) to a taste of that Gran Reserva Joselito ham or those speciality cheeses you've been eyeing up, before it's too late and all our street scenes are that much emptier and blander.

Brindisa Borough Market.
Floral HallStoney St
Borough Market
London, SE1


Hollow Legs said...

hmmm - strange, especially since they've recently opened up two new restaurants.

Anonymous said...

They were always a rip off with rude staff