Tuesday 17 February 2009

Milly's Deli - Leigh-on-Sea

Milly's is my local deli, and although I've popped in there now and again to buy bits and pieces (Mainly stunning hand carved ham.) I've never been in there for lunch until Sunday and I have to say - I'm a convert!

I ordered an Alderton ham baguette, with Montgomery cheddar and chutney. My partner ordered a warm goats cheese and chutney pannini.
We washed these down with excellent Monmouth coffee from Borough Market.

The food was really nice, and at around £5 for a baguette/pannini, and considering that you'd pay the same if not more in a Pub for the same thing with nowhere near the quality of ingredients, I'd say its pretty good value for money.

It was quite busy in there, and you know how some places have a pleasant vibe that's hard to put your finger on? well Milly's has that vibe, we could have easily sat in there for an hour or two reading the Sunday Papers.

Whilst paying, I got talking to the owner - and she proudly mentioned all the Cheeses are from Neal's yard in London, and allowed us to taste a few. I love Montgomery's Cheddar, but "Stinking Bishop" is a bit of an acquired taste, I feel I may have to come back to that. She also stressed the local nature of some of the produce on offer, which is really nice to hear.

Milly's Deli is a really nice place for lunch - or to stock up on Cheeses, Olives or Charcuterie etc and as I mentioned in a previous post regarding Brindisa's recently closed Exmouth Market outpost, we need to support our great local Independent shops or lose them. So if your in the area pop in for a look.

Milly's Deli - Cafe
90, Leigh Road
Essex SS9 1BU
01702 474373


Merlotti said...

Sounds great - next time I'm in Leigh, I'll pop in rather than opt for fish and chips on the front! we had Stinking Bishop the other night with a hearty bottle of red - it was delicious (but yes, I can see how it's an acquired taste!)

Dan said...

Merlotti - Stinking Bishop - you know,it didnt taste half as bad as it smelt LOL.
I'm a bit squeamish of really smelly cheese - one of the foodie hurdles I'm yet to conquer.

Deborah said...

I discovered Milly's about a year ago and am a convert too. There home made soup is too die for. Definitely worth a visit. I also love their Chicken and Ham Pie (cold) with salad.

Anonymous said...

Woopy Millys deli, your ice creams are great .

Lily said...

I started working at millys 3 and a half years ago and im still there. They cant get rid of me. Could not think of a lovlier place to work!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Milly
We visited for the first time in 2011 and have been back at every oppertunity. The staff are very friendly and helpful and there is an interesting selection of dishes and drinks which are delicious. The portions could be slightly larger for hungry people like myself but on the whole really enjoyable at resonable prices