Wednesday 11 February 2009

How do I love thee? Let me count the cost....err...I mean ways.

Valentines Day is fast approaching. I know it's a bit of a corporate con trick designed to get us all out there buying tacky cards and presents. My Girlfriend knows it too, we've discussed it and we are as one mind on the subject. (Which isn't to say, she doesn't subscribe to the event on some unconscious I learnt to my cost some years ago.....the casual statement "Lets not buy each other presents or cards" SHOULD NOT be taken at face value.)

So - this year. we've decided to buy each other something small - a token, and have set a price tag of around £20 on celebrating our love for each other.......(perhaps there's a hidden meaning there somewhere.)

I've decided on the classic present of Chocolates, but rather than a box of your finest Dairy Milks....pocketing the change and heading to the pub I've decided to splurge the entire £20 (and the rest) on a box of Fine Chocolates from Chocolatier Paul A Young....a former Patissiere of Marco Pierre White no less.

I hurried down to Paul's Camden Passage shop in my lunch break, and perused the incredibly adventurous chocolate options in awe......Marmite and Stilton with Port being two of the more unusual options.

I decided to pick and choose - and in my haste made mistake #1.

"How Much is a box that size?" says I, pointing innocently to the next size box down from the biggest container.
I was sure he said £18....but I now realise (after paying) he said 18 chocolates....for £25.

Onto mistake #2....
I'm making my selections.....Caramel and Sea Salt (Their award winning bestseller) looks interesting, I pick one up.
"Can I purchase these individually -y'know try one?"
"Yes Sure" the smiling shop assistant replies.
I take a bite - its gorgeous..... "Out of interest, how much are these?"
Now, I'm pretty sure he said "£1.75"
I say 'I'm pretty sure' because his reply was drowned out by my involuntary "Bloody Hell" as I almost spat the half eaten chocolate in his face.

It was really nice though.

I'll let you know what the rest taste like.....if I get offered any.

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates
Camden Passage, Islington
33 Camden Passage, Islington
N1 8EA
Tel: +44 (0)20 7424 5750


Anne said...

I'm lucky in that the other half only likes cadburys, one bar of dairy milk coming right up!! Love the sound of the salty caramels, though probably not the price!

I see you have learnt well the "Lets not buy each other presents or cards" ruse!

Dan said...

Hello Anne, A French woman in work told me the salty caramel flavour is a classic taste combo back in france, and is very popular.
Yes - Ive learnt that 'ruse' only too well!

Unknown said...

I had some of the sea salt caramels from Melt the other day and they were divine. Tell your girlfriend they are Barack Obama's favourite as well!

Abitofafoodie said...

Salted caramels are my absolute favourite - similarly love the ones from Melt in Notting Hill. £1.75 per chocolate though?! I think I might have spluttered too - definitely for special occasions only!

Dan said...

Ooooh the second time 'Melt' has been mentioned.
I'll have to check this out.
Oh - an update - by now, I've tried a few of the flavours (sneaky me, buying 2 of each!) - and the Salted Caramel are by far the best.